Chapter 4

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“This is going to be a good summer” David said to himself as he looked in the mirror hanging on his bedroom wall.
He’d taken pride in his appearance this morning, styling his hair in a faux hawk to impress the boy next door and he had no idea why.
After his family had eaten breakfast together, David got into his board shorts and put on sunscreen. He picked up his book and made his way outside, grabbing a towel to lie on. As he was on the stairs down to the beach he saw his sister sun-baking with Vanessa, Pierre’s younger sister. They were texting and laughing and taking selfies.
His parents were sitting on beach chairs, relaxing. Everything seemed so calm and happy.
As he placed his towel on the sand he noticed Pierre jogging towards him. Pierre’s cheeks were tinted with a light pink blush and a sheen of sweat. His shirt was off and as soon as David registered where he was looking he sat down and opened his book and began to read.
“Morning David!”
David looked up, and gave Pierre and questioning look as if to ask who was interrupting his reading and why, his look softened and he smiled, meeting Pierre’s eyes.
“Morning” David wanted to seem cold and guarded, when all he wanted to do was giggle like a nervous school girl
“You free to hang today?” he glanced down at David’s open book, “ Elizabeth Bennett more interesting than sailing with me?” a cocky smirk that David thought he would come to know well spread across Pierre’s face.
“Mr. Darcy is much more intriguing than Lizzie” David retorted and as soon as he processed what he had said he felt his cheeks burn like a fire blazing on his skin. Why would he have said that? He wanted to take out a shovel and make a hole in the sand under him to bury himself in and die of shame. He couldn’t even meet Pierre’s impending gaze, he mustered up the courage to speak again.
“I mean, sure, I’d love to hang with you, sailing sounds great”
“Let me get changed outta these shorts and I’ll come get you soon, bring sunscreen” David looked and saw him smile, “Wouldn’t wanna get your precious complexion burnt”
“Ha-ha” David replied sarcastically, “I’ll get ready and see you soon” he gathered his towel and book to head inside. As he started to walk Pierre pulled his arm back.
“I really like what you’ve done with your hair” he said as he ruffled it with his hand, laughed to himself and walked off, leaving him annoyed that his hair he spent a long time on was now messed up, and by the person he was trying to impress!
He made his way inside, put together a bag and walked out to his parents.
“Mom, Dad, I’m going sailing with Pierre for a while today, is that okay with you guys?” they both raised their eyebrows and looked at each other.
David saw a smile form on his mothers face and his father echoed it
“Only if you pack lots of sunscreen and that you’re both back in time for dinner, we’re all eating together tonight” his mother said
“Its already packed Ma” David said as he kissed her cheek
At that moment, Pierre walked onto the deck of the cottage next door wearing a white button up shirt, only buttoned half way with his sleeves rolled up and his hair pushed messily back. He looked hot David thought to himself.
He groaned out loud and earned a surprised look from both his parents. He wished to himself that he wouldn’t think that about Pierre, he so desperately wished that he could have a nice normal summer friendship with Pierre without these stupid feelings getting in the way. He straightened up and smiled and waved at Pierre as he made his way over.
“Good morning” Pierre greeted his parents warmly
“Good morning Pierre, how are you this morning?” his father asked.
“Very well thank you Sir, I thought it was a lovely day to go boating and I know a few nice areas to stop for lunch. Thank you for letting me steal David away from your family vacation” he paused, “It’s nice to be able to hang out with someone other than my sister! She was driving me a little crazy”
Davids parents both laughed
“Well have fun boys, stay safe, don’t chase too many girls” Davids stomach dropped when he heard his mother say that and he wasn’t sure why.
“Have a great day Mr and Mrs Desrosiers” David couldn’t look at Pierre as he stood still from his mothers words.
Pierre had started to walk out to his car when he called out to David; “hey, you coming?”
David composed himself and smiled at his parents, turning around and taking a deep breath before following Pierre.
Once they were both buckled in Pierre started the car and the radio was blaring with Blink-182’s The Rock Show.
“I love this song” David said just as Pierre turned it down
“Yeah, me too. I made this mixed tape for my ex-girlfriend and she gave it back. I guess it was too thought out and special for her frivolous mind.”
“Mr Bouvier is that bitterness I hear in your voice?” David teased, but the topic of Pierre’s ex’s interested him
“Ahh, I guess” Pierre thought for a moment, “It ended badly with,” he paused slightly “her...but it was never great from the start. She was a cheerleader and I’d just started on the varsity football team when we started dating. The whole thing was shallow and I feel dumb to have been caught up in it” Pierre ranted in one quick breath. “Wow, I’m sorry David, I don’t mean to bore you with my past.”
“It’s not boring, for what it’s worth I’m sorry things didn’t work out between you” David was genuinely empathetic.
“Thanks David, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea” as Pierre said it he turned to David and winked. David wished he hadn’t had blushed, or at least that Pierre hadn’t seen him blush, but they both knew and the tension in the air was as thick as mud. David turned the radio back up and quietly sang along to The Rock Show.
“Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is my all time favourite Blink album” Pierre mentioned.
“Mine too” David said. How odd yet wonderful that they seemed so similar yet different, like oil and vinegar. They seemed to just connect though, like they complimented each other and just worked.
They continued in silence until Pierre cut the engine at a small wharf.
“Ready for some fun Desrosiers?”
David nodded eagerly in anticipation. He wondered where they would go and what the day would be like. They wouldn’t have asked for better weather; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the thought of a whole summer free of work made David grin like a kid in a playground.
“What are you grinning at?” Pierre snapped him out of his daze and into the present.
“It’s summer” David said, happiness seeping through all his pores. He jumped up and clapped his hands in excitement. As short as the statement was, Pierre knew the exact feeling David was experiencing; sheer joy.
“Doesn’t it feel great!” Pierre said as he walked over and put an arm around David’s shoulder. David froze momentarily when he felt the butterflies in his stomach but continued to smile.
“The boats over there” Pierre pointed with his other hand at a motor boat docked up. “C’mon Davie” he giggled.
Had Pierre just giggled? And had Pierre just called him Davie? It really was going to be an interesting day.

Chapter 3

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“Breakfast is served” his father said as he pulled the duvet off his bed. Pierre groaned.
“Look, just try and be civil to everyone today Pierre, we’re on a family vacation” His father said, Pierre felt a stab of guilt as he looked up at him.
“You’re the oldest, you should be setting an example for your younger siblings, not scaring them away” his father sighed, “Pierre,” he said as he got up and closed the door for more privacy, “I’m sick of you shutting us out, is there something happening that I should know? You’re starting college in three months, if theres something going on or you’re not okay then I want to know so I can help”
“Dad, I’m fine” He said, even though he’d been the captain of the football team, he didn’t like the spotlight, especially on his personal life.
“Pierre, you’re just not the same boy you were a few months ago, you’re closed off and snarky, you don’t spend any time with us anymore; we all miss you Pierre” his fathers voice had changed from stern to a plea.
“Uh” he was unsure of what too say as he looked at his dad, “I’m sorry”
“Kid, we’re all here for you, we’re your family, we want you to be happy, your sister tells us how much she misses you, I know that your teenage years can be hell, believe me I know-”
He cut his father off; “I’m sure you’d like to think you know, but you don’t. I appreciate you trying to help me but honestly dad, some battles you have to go alone and this is one of them.
His father pondered this for a minute before he nodded.
“Kiddo just know I’ll always be there for you, we’re family and we’ll stick by you, that goes for all of us. So in saying that, try and put on a happy face for the day. Oh, and we’re having dinner with the Desrosiers tonight.” He said
“The who?”
“The family vacationing in the cabin next door, you walked home with their son David last night?” He said almost questioning the statement.
“Oh yeah, I remember” the memory came flooding back to Pierre, now he felt awake, remembering David. “I’ll meet you guys for breakfast in a few.”
With that, Pierre’s dad smiled and left him to change.
Pierre looked out his window that looked straight into David’s bedroom to where he’d caught him staring last night. He smirked knowing how embarrassed David was by this. As he was staring out the window, Davids curtains were pulled open by a sleepy looking David. This time David caught Pierre staring and he just smiled and waved.
He made his way to the lounge area next to the kitchen and kissed his mother on the cheek.
“Thats the most friendly good morning I’ve had from you in a long time Pierre” his mom chuckled
“Whatever, morning dorks” Pierre said to his younger siblings Matthew and Vanessa as he sat down on one of the couches in the middle of the two
“Move over fatass” Vanessa said, “theres plenty of room on the other couch next to Dad”
“Aww but I wanted to sit with my baby sister”
“Okay Peeface” she scoffed
He puckered up and held her down while tickling her and planting a sloppy kiss on her cheek
“Oh God Pierre, no wonder you don’t have a girlfriend” Pierre just laughed at that comment
“So what are we doing today family?” he asked as his mom put the last of the breakfast on the table, they all moved over and took a seat.
“I was thinking we could all just laze around and settle in, and swim all day. How does that sound Pierre?” His Dad asked
“Sounds great” he replied with a mouth full of bacon
“I hope I see Shelly today” Matthew said
Everyones attention was turned to him. “And why would that be?” Their mom asked
“She’s so hot” Matthew said as he turned bright red. Everyone giggled
“She also seemed really nice, I can’t believe she only lives in the next town over, we text each other all night, did you know we would have been versing each other in cheer comps all year? How crazy is that!” Vanessa said excitedly
“So totally awesome” Pierre said with sarcastic enthusiasm
She rolled her eyes and they all continued to eat
‘Whats her older brother like?” Matthew asked Pierre
“Pretty rad, has good taste in music but he’s such a brain, totally into school”
“He seemed so shy around us” His mom said
“Yeah he seemed pretty nervous at first but as soon as we started talking about Green Day we hit it off” he smiled
“Aww Peeface has a crush” Vanessa taunted
“Shut up” he said playfully so he didn’t seem too defensive, he stared out the french windows and enjoyed the view, he couldn’t wait to go swimming
“Thanks for breakfast mom, it was amazing, I’m gonna go for a run now.” He cleared his plate and went to change into a pair of basketball shorts. He unplugged his iPod which was now fully charged and smiled at the memory of David handing it back to him, he looked forward to dinner with his family tonight.
He did up his laces and made his way through the lounge room and through the french windows onto the sand where his younger sister was already tanning. He put in his iPod and stretched as he listened to Enema of the State, his current favourite album.
He started to jog and get into the rhythm, feeling the crisp summer air fill his lungs and power his body. He took in his surroundings, the sky was a beautiful bright blue with no clouds, the water of the lake seemed to be a perfect reflection and looked calm.
Even though his body and surroundings were calm, his mind was not. The thoughts from the year gone by filling his every thought. What a contrast, in a place of such serenity, his mind caused him to feel so ill at ease.
He felt so alone, so different to how he was at the start of his senior year yet so similar. Life changes you, he thought to himself, the people around you change you.
He felt as though he needed to get his life back on track but wasn’t sure how to, starting the morning being friendly to his family was a good help. He’d thought many times about telling them the truth but then thought the better of it. He’d known they’d still love him and that they’d offer their help and support but he just couldn’t bring himself to.
The days of the year had continued, he’d survived, gotten into college, won his football championship and still had friends and good grades, he just felt empty and introverted. Ever since his secret relationship with Brian had ended things looked promising but continued to be mediocre.
He hadn’t told his family about Brian, or anyone for that matter, not because he was ashamed but because Brian wasn’t ready or comfortable with his sexuality. The whole relationship was a disaster from the start.
It started as a really strong friendship, they both played football and hung out heaps and then one day they kissed and a ‘friends-with-benefits’ relationship started with Brian getting the perks of an emotional support when he needed it.
Pierre was comfortable with his sexuality, he liked boys and girls and didn’t really care what anyone thought or how they felt about it. What he didn’t like was having to feel so secretive and disconnected to Brian, only being allowed to be his friend even though they shared a sexual relationship. From the start Pierre knew how wrong it was to enter into such a messed up relationship but he was only human and didn’t see much of a problem to begin with.
The really messy part of the “break up” came just before his first semester tests, he’d told Brian he wanted out and needed to focus on school and his own wellbeing and was guilted into staying with him. Threatened with emotional blackmail. Things weren’t too bad as long as Pierre complied to Brian’s wishes.
Halfway through second semester Pierre knew it all had to stop, he called it quits and went cold turkey from Brian for a week, no talking, no texts, no hanging out. That was when Brian threatened to kill himself if Pierre wasn’t his friend anymore and Pierre realised what a truly fucked up situation he had gotten himself into. He couldn’t live with guilt like that, hell Brian was still alive and giving him such angst that Pierre tried self harm, one time. One cut, on his arm two inches below his elbow. He was so ashamed that he had turned to that, he wrote an email to Brian officially ending the friendship. Pierre knew it wouldn’t be his fault if Brian hurt himself, he couldn’t continue in such a toxic relationship and he was glad he got to walk away.
Even though things with Brian had ended and the dramatic saga was over with no more guilting or threats or texts begging for forgiveness, the hole inside Pierre was getting bigger and bigger, school was now a chore, he wasn’t enjoying anything he used to, he’d rather sit alone in his room than enjoy his families company like he used to.
‘How ironic’ he thought out loud as Adam’s song came on, the song had become a bit of an anthem for his life in the last few months. He was hoping that the prospect of college and adult life would be so appealing that he’s wake up a new person as soon as he’d graduate but Pierre still felt the emptiness inside him, the yearning to attain something unknown and his lack of motivation and interest in everything.
He came to a stop and decided to turn around to go back to his cabin and pull himself away from the memories. This break was gonna be awesome and he was gonna hang out with David, he just knew it. He started jogging back and could see David’s family and his sitting together on the sand.
“This is going to be a good summer, I promise you it will” He said to himself.

Chapter 2

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“I hope we can hang together while we’re both on vacation” Pierre said.
The simple sentence almost had David taken by surprise. He wasn’t sure how to respond; he simply nodded and turned to walk up the stairs into his cabin before Pierre grabbed his arm.
“Goodnight David” a smile formed on Pierre’s face.
“Night Pierre”, that name seemed so foreign yet familiar to David. He smiled and this time made it up the deck stairs without giving into the urge to look back at Pierre.
Once inside, he started to rush to his room but was stopped by his parents who were sitting on the couch, looking at the dark lake.
“Did you have a nice time?” his mother said, David nodded, eager to get to his room.
“Pierre looks like a nice young man” his father said, “it’d be nice to have a vacation friend, we’re having dinner with their family tomorrow night” both his parents were smiling now.
“That sounds good,” David hesitated, “I’m really tired, thank you so much for bringing us on vacation, goodnight”
“Night sweetie” his mother said.
David kissed both kissed parents on the cheek and walked through the cabin past his sisters room to the bathroom. He closed the door and turned on the shower. Before getting in, he stared at himself, taking in all of his reflection, he took a deep breath and smiled. He felt at peace, he was enjoying his holiday already; grateful to his parents for bringing him to such a beautiful place to relax and wind down before his senior year.
As he got into the shower and let the warm water cascade down his body, his mind wondered to the boy in the cabin next door. He thought about his day, how when they left home he left his school friends for two weeks and now after being on vacation for a few hours, he seemingly had a new friend.
Once he was dried, he walked to his room and closed the curtains, leaving the window ajar, allowing the breeze to flow through. He changed into his zebra print pajama pants and made his way to his bed.
With the bedside lamp on, he started to read his book. Reading for leisure hadn’t been done since his last summer vacation. David had almost forgotten what it was like to relax.
“It is the truth universally acknowledged that a single man, in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” David said aloud, he sighed.
He loved British classics and Jane Austin was his favourite, Pride and Prejudice would be a fantastic summer read. He immersed himself into the book and when he was having trouble keeping his eyes open, he turned off his lamp.
In the darkness of his room, something outside was illuminating his curtain, he got up and peered through the window once he’d pushed aside the curtain. The room directly opposite his was clearly Pierre's. Pierre was sitting upright in his bed with his beside lamp on, looking down at his phone with his earphones in. David smiled to himself. Their rooms were like a mirror reflection of each other.
David had lost track of time, standing there, gazing and intrigued by Pierre and his room while listening to the sound of the lake beside both their windows.
Abruptly, Pierre looked up and his eyes met David’s. David mentally slapped himself for standing at the window looking at him like a creepy stalker so he tried to remain calm, he smiled and waved and closed his curtains just as Pierre waved back.
David walked back to bed, heart racing and hopped into bed. Suddenly the memories of tonights walk along the beach with Pierre came rushing back to him.
After David had asked him if he liked Green Day and his parents left, David had felt awkward and nervous and he wasn’t sure why. David was usually confident with people he’d just met, he had lots of acquaintances who were on good terms with him and had a group of close friends who he loved. The nervous feeling around Pierre was unusual and worried David.
He had tried to get out of walking with Pierre; “Oh no I’ll let you continue your run” David had said quickly, “We can head back to our cabin and let Pierre enjoy his vacation”
“No, thats okay, if you want to walk back to your cabin we can discuss music, I’ve finished my run” Pierre said, David had this feeling that Pierre was keen to talk to David.
“Uh okay” David remembered saying, looking at his parents he shrugged his shoulders
“Don’t be home too late David” his father said, “Nice to meet you Pierre”
“Likewise, maybe I’ll see you some other time on vacation” Pierre said, as David remembered this, it was apparent how immaculate Pierre’s manners seemed.
“Goodnight” Davids mother and sister said in unison as they started to walk back to their cabin
David remembered the sudden nervous feeling and how he was uncomfortable alone with Pierre on a beach. The figures of his family got further and further down the beach and Pierre and David commenced their stroll down the beach.
They began to walk and the silence seemed to grow, getting under David’s skin, while he was eager to talk, he could find nothing to say.
Pierre piped up; “how long are you here for?” David could tell he was looking at him, but in order to not shake his confidence, he looked straight ahead.
“Two weeks” he had hesitated, “I’m so glad we’re here, it’s been a hell of a year” David had surprised himself at how he’d continued the sentence freely.
“Yeah me too!” Pierre continued to shock David with his eagerness.
“I love summer vacation, I can’t wait to go boating and swimming! It’s such a change from Rosewood, it’s so picturesque here”
“You live in Rosewood?!” David still wasn’t sure why he was so interested
“Uh..yeah” David replied
“Do you go to Rosewood college?”
“Nah, I just finished my junior year at Rosewood High”
“Oh” was all Pierre had to say, this struck David as an odd reaction, it made him wonder why one minute he seemed so interested and the next minute he seemed almost disappointed.
“Where are you from?” David didn’t want the conversation to end that quickly.
This had made them both laugh, Flagrope was the town over from Rosewood, they were enemies in every single sport, academics and the arts.
“You go to the high school there?” Pierre looked away but nodded, this too David thought was odd but he shrugged it off.
“Hey do you wanna sit for a bit?” Pierre asked, “I had a fight with my old man before dinner and don’t feel like returning to the cabin just yet” he explained.
“Sure” was all David said
They sat down and enjoyed each others company, David smiled as he remembered that part fondly. They had sat cross-legged, opposite from each other on the sand under a street lamp from the path. They discussed school; their sports, extra-curricular, favourite subjects and then they got to personal questions.
David knew that Pierre was a football player, the quarterback. The same quarterback that made Rosewood lose their homecoming game last year. David knew he was amazing and felt inadequate sitting opposite him. David had told him he had seen the game and Pierre had blushed, he laughed at the memory, maybe he was embarrassed, David wasn’t sure why; he should be proud and confident in his abilities, he was an amazing football player. He also knew that Pierre played the guitar and his favourite class was chemistry.
David had also told Pierre about himself, that his favourite classes were history and government, he was in the school band, debate team and student council.
“Wow” was Pierre’s response, he had paused, put his hand on his chin and looked straight into David’s eyes, piercing through them like a thousand needles, getting straight into his soul, “You certainly have your activities cut out for you” and in that moment, David was bare, he didn’t know why, the statement was true and not some new found proclamation.
“Yeah...I guess I do” he had replied, nervous again
“What do you do for fun, Mr....?”
“Desrosiers” David had cut in
“Mr. Desrosiers?” Pierre had said in a perfect french accent.
“I jam out on the drums or my bass or go skateboarding”
“That’s totally sweet man! I really wouldn’t have picked you to be into Green Day or skateboarding”
“Um why?!” David said, almost offended!
“You just look so, so innocent and pure”
David scoffed “Hah” was all he had to say to that “Im totally into punk”
“You don’t look it”
“Well I am” David snapped, this memory made him wonder if he should go back to gelling his brown hair into the fauxhauk...‘hmm...’ he wondered ‘maybe I should, that’ll give him a shock tomorrow’ a smirk formed on Davids face
David continued running their conversation through in his mind, he realised that as they had gotten closer to their cabins he had become more closed off and Pierre had a worried look in his eye. Just before they got to David’s, he said to Pierre “I hope things with your dad are okay man” Pierre simply nodded and they made their way closer to David’s cabin. Once their Pierre said “I hope we can hang together while we’re both on vacation”
David still wasn’t sure why the simple sentence almost had him taken by surprise. He had nodded and turned to walk up the stairs into his cabin before Pierre grabbed his arm.
“Goodnight David” a smile formed on Pierre’s face. Remembering this, David’s pulse increased and he felt a small flutter of butterflies in his stomach. ‘I must be over-tired’ he thought to himself.
“Night Pierre” David said out loud, remembering his final words to the boy tonight.

Chapter 1

‘This is the dawning of the rest of our lives’ blared through David's earphones before his mother pulled one of them out of his ear. David opened his eyes to look at her, a smile formed on his lips as he looked out of the car window.
“We’re almost here David!” she said excitedly.
The crystal blue water of the lake could be seen through the trees as the car drove into the resort. Summer vacation had started two days ago and his family had surprised him with a two week vacation to Lake Karoa to celebrate his completion of his junior year and commencing of his final year of high school.
David took his other earphone out of his ear and turned off his iPod, Green Day could wait.
“Thank you so much for bringing us here mom and dad, I am so glad to be here” David was truly grateful for his parents for bringing him on vacation.
As the car pulled up in front of their cabin the thought of how beautiful the area was crossed his mind. Whilst he would miss his friends back home, he would only be away two weeks and he was going to make sure he enjoyed every second of his vacation, swimming, soaking up the sun and walking along the sand.
David helped his father unpack the car as his mother and sister ran to the cabin to look around and claim their rooms.
“I’m really proud of you for this last year son, your work ethic is admirable, I want you to really relax and enjoy yourself” David’s father had never been a master with words when expressing his feelings so David knew how sincere this declaration of pride was.
“Thanks Dad, I feel privileged to know I’ve made you proud.” The two embraced in a manly hug and proceeded to take the suitcases inside. As David entered the cabin he came to a stop, the french doors straight in front of him led out onto a deck which then led onto white sand and blue water. This could only be paradise. To think that this natural beauty was only a few hours drive from his home, the city of Rosewood. After realising he must have been standing there for five minutes letting his mind drift into the depth of the water in front of him, he decided to find his room and unpack.
This was going to be an amazing start to summer. He passed what he assumed was the master bedroom when he saw his parents unpacking and proceeded down the hall off to the left. He then passed his younger sister, Shelly, in a room where she was sitting on her bed with clothes already scattered around the room.
“Hey” she said, “I found cell service! I was worried for a bit” he smiled, trust that to be her first priority.
“I see you’ve unpacked” he said, and they both started to laugh. “Shell” he said, “try enjoying the summer, don’t waste all your time on your cell phones, life will pass you by”
Shelly looked up at him, she thought about defending herself but then decided to listen to her older brother, he was looking out for her as always and he seemed happy even though he wasn’t always on his cell phone. She nodded and said “You’re room is that way loser” as she pointed out the door and down the hall. As David made his way out the room Shelly said “David” and as he looked back to meet her eyes she said in a small voice “I love you, thanks for being a good brother to me.” He shut the door and made it to his room.
He thought about the day he’d just had to himself as he sat on his bed, everyone had been nice to him, like he was really appreciated in his family, it was a nice feeling.
David’s bedroom was situated furthest away from the rest of his family, a bathroom separated his and his sisters room. David walked over to the window and drew the curtains, revealing a slight view of the cabin next door and the lake. He opened his window to let in the cool breeze. He changed into his board shorts and decided to go to the beach.
Watching the sun go down listening to Green Day was the perfect way to start his vacation.
David made his way back to his family’s cabin, Green Day still filling his ears with music that filled him with joy. Walking up the steps and into the living area, David noticed a car pulling up to the cabin next door to the left, he wondered if this would be a pure family vacation or if he’d make any friends here. It would be fun to have someone to go jet skiing or snorkeling with apart from his parents or sister.
His parents were in the kitchen discussing dinner and his sister was sitting on the couch writing in her diary and pondering as she looked out the french doors to the water. This was a beautiful evening and David felt at peace but wanted to see who was next door and he didn’t know why.
“How do burgers sound for dinner?” His father asked
“Theres a really nice little burger joint down the road, we could all get a burger and sit on the sand together” His mom sounded excited
“That sounds great!” Shelly exclaimed, David hadn’t seen her so excited since she got a new phone.
“Sounds awesome Mom” David said, he was starting to get hungry.
His Dad locked up the cabin and they made their way right down the road along three other cabins to the burger joint that his parents had described. David stole glances at the cabin to the left of theirs, it looked all locked up with the car out the front, it seemed odd for a holiday cabin.
They walked into the burger place and the interior was very quaint, a 1950s inspired milk bar with cute bar stools and behind the counter five shelves of candy in glass jars. On a black board next to the doors leading onto the deck and the beach read the dinner menu.
Davids parents and sister all got a traditional beef burger and David got a veggie burger with sun-dried tomatos, feta and olives.
The family made their way through the burger joint down onto the beach and noticed that another family had the same idea as them. Sitting on a rug were a family of four; the beautiful brunette gene seemed prevalent in every member of the family.
“You’ve got the right idea” David’s dad said to the man sitting with his family
“Why waste a beautiful night on vacation hey!” The man replied
Davids mom and the woman exchanged smiles and David and his sister looked at the two kids. The boy seemed about twelve and the girl seemed about fifteen. David thought his sister could have a potential vacation friend, he thought it would be good for her if she could hang with another girl her age, it would be better than her spending her vacation looking at a screen connected with her friends on social networks.
“I’m William, this is my wife Maria” the man extended his hand to Davids father as he got up. William also shook Davids mothers, sister and his own hand.
“These are my children Matthew and Vanessa” They’re whole family got up to shake Davids family’s hands.
“I’m Marc and this is my wife Stacy” Davids father said, “These are my children David and Shelly”
“Nice to meet you Marc” William said, then he turned to David. “Maybe you’ll see my son around David, you look around his age, his name is Pierre, I think he’s out for a run”
David felt butterflies in his stomach as William said his sons name.
“Ok” David said, unsure of how to answer, thinking that it was odd that he wouldn’t join his family for dinner.
The family exchanged smiles. “Well we’ll let you enjoy the rest of your night and your dinner” Davids father said
“Thank you, our cabin is number 6 if you want to catch up, have a lovely night” William said
“Ours is number 5” David’s father replied. David wondered to himself why he was so drawn to looking at their cabin earlier.
Each family muttered their versions of “nice to meet you”, “have a good night”, “bye” and Davids family continued to the right down the beach, they could see their little cottage down about 500 meters away. They settled and dug into their dinner, laughing and enjoying their first night of vacation.
The moon and the lights along the beach were the only things illuminating the sand as the sun had truly set. Once they had eaten David’s father gathered their trash and headed to a public trash can, as he made his way back to his family, something ran into him.
“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!” exclaimed a man through short breaths.
“That’s okay, Pierre?” Davids father said as he got up and looked at the teenager.
Davids family made their way over to the two men. Pierre seemed unsure as to why a stranger would know his name.
“Are you okay sweetie?” Davids mom asked
“Yes thank you dear” he replied, “Are you alright?” he said to Pierre
Pierre relaxed and replied “Yes thank you and yes I am Pierre, I am sorry for running into you, I wasn’t looking” David just watched as he talked, he could see his sisters interest in the tall, handsome brunette.
“That’s okay” David’s father said, “I am Marc and this is my wife Stacy, these are our children Shelly and David” Shelly and Stacy waved to Pierre. “We met the rest of your family earlier, your father said that David was around your age” David was embarrassed by his fathers words and he wasn’t sure why.
“Oh thats cool” Pierre said as he looked at David and semi-smiled. Pierre held his hand out to shake David’s, David extended his and looked up at Pierre's face which was dripping in sweat from his run, his hand was warm and his handshake firm. When the handshake broke David was short of breath. He looked down to see an iPod in the sand. He reached down and picked it up.
“Did you drop this?” David said, it was the first thing he had said to Pierre.
“Oh yeah thanks, it must have fallen out of my ears when I fell onto your dad, I thought it seemed quieter!” he stifled a laugh and held out his hand. Before David handed it back he saw the song playing on the screen.
“You like Green Day?” David said a little too enthusiastically. Pierre laughed, David suddenly felt embarrassed.
“Oh yeah dude, they’re my favourite” Davids jaw dropped.
Davids parents interjected; “I think we’ll head back to the cabin and let you two get acquainted” his mother said.
“Oh no I’ll let you continue your run” David said quickly, “We can head back to our cabin and let Pierre enjoy his vacation”
“No, thats okay, if you want to walk back to your cabin we can discuss music, I’ve finished my run” Pierre said, keen to talk to David.
“Uh okay” David looked at his parents and shrugged his shoulders
“Don’t be home too late David” his father said, “Nice to meet you Pierre”
“Likewise, maybe I’ll see you some other time on vacation” Pierre said
“Goodnight” Davids mother and sister said in unison as they started to walk back to their cabin
David suddenly felt out of place and a little uncomfortable alone with Pierre on a beach, all he knew about him was his name and one band that he likes. The figures of his family got further and further down the beach and Pierre and David commenced their stroll down the beach.